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The Winery

Lazarou Winery

Continuing the worthy long winery tradition in
the island

The “Lazarou winery” is built 500m southwest of Choulou village, surrounded by the natural, rural beauty. It has four wine processing places and a surrounding area of three acres.
At the production area which is designed to receive the grapes directly from the harvest, the raw wine is transported to stainless winemakers. Then, the wine remains for a specific time in the wine fermentation and stabilization tanks because of the automated cooling and maintenance system.
Next is the bottling and packaging space, which is fully coordinated with the European standards, which includes the most modern equipment to ensure maximum certifications compliance at the level of hygiene and food safety. Finally, the wines are transferred in the winery’s cellar for the wine aging process in barrels and bottles until they are distributed in the market.

Our Terroir

Refreshing walks and wine explorations

In the winery’s outdoor space, visitors and wine worshipers can succumb to the refreshing walks and wine exploration, while enjoying the richn beauty of the surrounding nature.

A Journey to meet the Lazarou Winery. Come to visit us!