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About Me


Lazarou Marios

As it is said, our past defines us and will keep in defining us Growing up in a family of winemakers, living daily in the vineyards and fermented by the smell of grapes and wine, I could not escape this blessed tradition.
My great grandfather owned vineyards 100 years ago and with his grapes he produced products from our land such as raisins, soutzouko, palouze and wine. My father continued the tradition and kept our traditional character pure until today. Now, I represent the new generation of the family, continuing the zeal of the wine-growing and wine-producing technique which I inherited, further enriching it with modern techniques of wine processing.
Over time, I started adding my personal touch in the wine, offering to friends wine experts a special tasting experience. With absolute confidence in the quality of the aromas and the special vine varieties, I created my own small ``kingdom of wine,`` which, with a lot of love and passion, evolved into a modern operating winery, ready to greet and confide in unique taste delights.


Flashback to the places

The Greek term which is often seen in ancient texts at Aphrodite's island, that of “εύοινος’ meaning good wine, justifies its reputation. Archaeology revealed the long wine-growing art in Cyprus by placing its origins about 6,000 years ago.