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Flashback to the places history

The Greek term which is often seen in ancient texts at Aphrodite's island, that of “εύοινος’ meaning good wine, justifies its reputation. Archaeology revealed the long wine-growing art in Cyprus by placing its origins about 6,000 years ago.
A blessed land by the abundance of vineyards and the vastness of the sea, Cyprus over the centuries has been defined as one of the most ancient and powerful winemaking forces around the globe.
The indigenous wine makers have shown and evolved indigenous varieties of wine by continuing worthily of the island's great wine tradition with care and love for their land, but also a commitment to the quality of the cultivation and processing of their grapes.

The Vineyards


Choulou is one of the picturesque wine making villages of the province of Paphos and is a living testimony to the rich wine tradition of the island. It is considered to be one of the five most beautiful villages in the province, located 27km northeast of Paphos at an altitude of 350m from the sea and is a pole of attraction for many tourists. It is characterized by its specific landform, combined with its fertile soils and the microclimate of the region, which helps local wine makers to maximise the aromatic characteristics of each variety. The main occupation of the residents has always been wine making and to a lesser extent other crops, such as olives and almond trees.