The Winery

A blessed land from
the abundance of vineyards area

The “Lazarou Winery” is built 500m southwest of Choulou village, surrounded by the natural, rural beauty. It has four wine processing places and a surrounding area of three acres.


At an altitude of 350m, it is one of the picturesque villages of wine making at the province of Paphos with particular landform


The vineyards have the opportunity
to maximize
their aromatic characteristics


The island’s fertile soils are the vivid proof of their rich wine making tradition


Different varieties with rich tradition known as “fruits” of antiquity


Special wine flavors. Awaken your senses and enjoy the unique flavors


One of the most ancient and powerful winemaking forces around the globe

Choulou Pafos

Flashback to the places history

The Greek term which is often seen in ancient texts at Aphrodite's island, that of “εύοινος’ meaning good wine, justifies its reputation. Archaeology revealed the long wine-growing art in Cyprus by placing its origins about 6,000 years ago

Our wines

Our most known labels

The “Lazarou Winery” entered the market with 5 labels coming from the family names, “Rafael”, “Evelina”, “Merlot”, “Marlen” and “Ismini”.


The combination of the French Cabernet varietyFranc and Spanish Carignan give to our wine a fine tas

Red Dry Wine. The velvet taste combined with the soft tannins and aromas of black ripe fru

Xynisteri is the dominant white variety of Cyprus. It gives us a kind of refreshing wine with a brig

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